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Civilcraft’s operations are organised into two main divisions – Projects and Facilities Maintenance – supported by highly experienced project delivery and maintenance personnel. Our experience in civil construction and asset maintenance allows us to bring together our specialist capabilities under one roof.


Civilcraft self performs its civil infrastructure works with the assistance of key subcontractors. Our continued practice of building and promoting an in-house trained and multiskilled employee base (minimising the use of sub-contacting) has enabled us to develop a total package for clients.


* Projects


Civilcraft focuses on construction of civil infrastructure for government and private clients. Civilcraft specializes in roads, carparks, subdivisions, concrete and steel engineering structures, rigid and flexible heavy duty pavements, power and communications, stormwater drainage, structural foundations and detailed excavations - the complex infrastructure needed to build communities. We have extensive experience in managing construction activities within fully operational sites such as airports, ports, roads, highways and electrical substations. We are able to plan and stage works for projects with difficult constraints, without adversely affecting key stakeholder operations. Please click here for further information on Civilcraft’s current and previous projects.


* Facilities Maintenance


Civilcraft currently provides facilities maintenance for a number of clients including Qantas, DP World, Centennial Parklands, The University of Sydney, Westlink M7, NSW Ports and Brookfield Johnson Controls (Defence). With the benefit of this experience, Civilcraft personnel are well placed to respond to maintenance requests at short notice and in any situation. Civilcraft can provide scheduled maintenance work and emergency call outs during normal working hours and during curfew periods. Our maintenance services include slab replacement, concrete and asphalt repairs, crack and spall repairs, pit reconstruction and repairs, rubber bitumen bandaging, joint re-sealing, linemarking restoration, pavement rejuvenation/reconstruction and roadsweeping. Civilcraft can also provide design advice and solutions for asset renewal and replacement works. Using our extensive experience in civil infrastructure works, our personnel can devise plans and provide solutions to suit any situation. Please click here for further information on Civilcraft’s Facilities Maintenance Contracts.





  • rigid & flexible heavy duty pavements
  • roads
  • carparks
  • subdivisions
  • concrete &steel engineering structures
  • Power & communication
  • stormwater drainage
  • lighting towers
  • structural foundations
  • detail excavation
  • landscaping & ground remediation


  • Slab replacements
  • Concrete & asphalt Repair
  • crack & spall repairs
  • pit reconstruction & Repairs
  • rubber bitumen bandaging
  • joint re-sealing
  • linemarking restoration
  • Pavement rejuvenation & reconstruction
  • Landscaping
  • Road Sweeping