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With a strong focus on collaborative team work, the engineering professionals at Civilcraft provide real solutions, creative ideas and a vision for the future.


Our experienced team, guided by strong leadership, work as a cohesive unit for the benefit and satisfaction of our clients. We provide an unparalleled level of service and offer our complete dedication and commitment to all our projects.


Our engineering team keep abreast of the latest technological advances in civil engineering and are known for professional integrity and honesty. Our flexible approach often results in alternate proposals in construction techniques that reduce project timeframes and costs for our clients.


At Civilcraft, we work harmoniously with clients, providing a service that brings projects to completion within budget and deadlines, without compromising quality, safety and environmental sustainability. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to foster lasting client relationships.



As a key project and risk managment tool, Civilcraft incorporates a

total Integrated Managment System (IMS), which enables our team to successfully execute our strict safety, environmental and

quality requirements.




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Civilcraft was recently awarded a Road Repairs and Aggregate Surfacing contract covering various substations for TransGrid across the Sydney Metropolitan Area. The works include removing and replacing existing asphalt access roads, reinforced concrete pavement, reinforced concrete kerbing and aggregate switchyard surfacing. The works are expected to commence in January 2014.


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