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Civilcraft is a privately owned, independent engineering firm based in Sydney. As civil engineering contractors, we specialise in the construction of quality pavements and infrastructure services for airports, government authorities, developers and builders around Australia.


Our core strength lies in the company's experience, skill and commitment to our staff. Our clients welcome our hands-on approach to engineering and our team's professionalism ensures the highest standards in project execution.


We appreciate and respect the relationship we share with our clients and make a concentrated effort to re-invest, develop and nurture our business in order to better service their needs.


We have demonstrated a commitment to delivering results beyond the nominated specifications and believe we have established ourselves as one of the most competent civil engineering companies in the industry, standing by our motto of pursuing innovative solutions.


Company Director, Phillip Fillipou, heads the management team of Civilcraft and oversees the day-to-day operations. As proven over many years, Phillip has expertise, skills and construction experience in managing a successful civil construction company.


Civilcraft believes in open and direct communication between senior management and the project team which ensures immediate and responsive solutions.


When contracted on a project, Civilcraft assembles a team of professionals, each skilled and experienced in their discipline. Background information on staff is made available to clients to ensure the most appropriate and compatible personnel are selected for the job.


The project manager is supported by site engineers, foremen, quality assurance personnel, supervisors and administrative staff. All our site supervisors and leading hands have extensive practical experience in general civil construction techniques and have relevant trade qualifications.


Our team of qualified professionals is unequalled in terms of project understanding, dealing with critical issues and developing solutions that fulfill our clients requirements. They all share a hands-on, can-do attitude and perfectionist approach to their work.