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Project Name: Installation of Prefabricated Handrails at Brown Street/ Parramatta Road Overpass


Location: Leichhardt, NSW


Client: Roads and Maritime Services


The Brown Street Bridge was constructed in the 1970’s and as a result the handrail did not comply with the current Australian Standards for minimum heights on pedestrian paths on bridges. Routine painting maintenance could not be carried out due to the height restrictions and the traffic volumes of Parramatta Road below as well as the volume of traffic on Brown Street.


As a result of these maintenance issues, corrosive damage developed on the bottom rail and anchorage points of the existing handrail. Civilcraft were contracted to install a new prefabricated handrail according to the current Australian Standards and to mitigate any future corrosion on the bottom rail and anchorage points. The total length of the handrail was approximately 40 metres.


Civilcraft were awarded this Contract by the RMS following a tender assessment which was based on the ability to demonstrate to the Project Team that the Construction Methodology to be adopted would be able to achieve all project objectives. One of the most important objectives for RMS was that of the safety of the public and vehicles due to the location and proximity of the work location and working times. The works were staged in 13 sections and carried out at night due to public safety and road closure restrictions during daytime hours.


    - Development of TCP’s for Parramatta Road (East and West bound) and Brown Street

    - Application for ROL’s with these approved TCP’s

    - Placement of VMS boards and signage within the work area for public awareness of upcoming works

    - Closure of Brown Street overpass to pedestrians with temporary fencing panels

    - Containment of the worksite behind timber hoardings which acted as formwork for the new kerb   construction and temporary fencing panels to close off the bridge frequented by pedestrians.

    - Removal of existing steel handrails to expose existing concrete edge

    - Hydrodemolition of existing concrete edge using high pressure water robotic unit to expose existing   reinforcement

    - Drilling and installation of shear studs, new mesh to existing and install formwork to suit new levels of  &nkerb and new holding down bolts to suit new rail base plates

    - Use of B80 32 MPA 10mm Aggregate low shrinkage concrete to pour and finish to required levels

    - Installation of new handrail and grout beneath posts

    - Dismantling of timber panels and temporary fence panels

















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